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What we Offer

  • X-RAY Scan Thigh

    X-RAY Scan Thigh AP Also known as: X-RAY Scan Thigh AP Digital.

  • X-RAY Scan Abdomen

    X-RAY Scan Abdomen LAT Also known as: X-RAY Scan Abdomen LAT Digital.

  • MRI Scan Thigh

    MRI Scan Thigh Also known as: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan Thigh 3 T 2D, MRI Scan Thigh 3 T 2D.

  • Diabetes test

    Also known as: HbA1c Test, Glycosylated Hb Blood, Glycosylated Hemoglobin test, A1C Test, Hemoglobin A1C Test, Diabetes Test HbA1c, A1C Hemoglobin Test, Glycosylated Haemoglobin, Glycosylated Hb, H1c Test, Glycosylated Haemoglobin Blood.

  • Triglycerides

    Also known as: TGL Blood, Serum TGL Blood, Sr. Triglycerides Blood, Serum TGL, Sr. Triglycerides, TGL, Triglycerides Blood.

  • Semen Analysis

    Also known as: Semen Routine Automated Semen, Male Infertility Test, Semen Analysis Automated Semen.

  • PP Glucose Blood

    Also known as: Post Prandial Blood Sugar, PP Sugar Blood, PPBS Blood, Glucose Post Prandial, PP Glucose, PP Sugar, PPBS, Sugar Post Prandial, Glucose Post Prandial Blood.

  • P-ANCA ELISA Blood

    Also known as: PANCA - Myeloperoxidase ELISA Blood, MPO ANCA ELISA, PANCA - Myeloperoxidase ELISA, P-ANCA ELISA, Mpo Anca Elisa Blood.

  • Hb Level

    Also known as: Hb Test, Hb Level Automated Blood, Hemoglobin Test, Haemoglobin, Hb, Haemoglobin Automated Blood.

  • GTT Test during Pregnancy

    Also known as: Pregnancy GTT Test, Pregnancy Test with Sugar, Sugar Pregnancy Test, Sugar Test Pregnancy, GTT Test Pregnancy, OGTT Test During Pregnancy, GTT Pregnancy Test, Pregnancy Diabetes Test, Pregnancy Sugar Test, Gestational Diabetes Test, Glucose Tolerance Test Pregnancy, Pregnancy GTT, Glucose Tolerance Test Pregnancy Blood.

  • Culture and Sensitivity Anaerobic BLOOD

    Also known as: C/S Anaerobic Blood, C/S Anaerobic, Culture and Sensitivity Anaerobic.

  • USG Scan KUB Region

    USG Scan KUB Region Also known as: Ultrasound Scan KUB Region 2D, Ultrasonography KUB Region 2D, USG Scan KUB Region 2D.

  • Bilirubin Total BLOOD

    Also known as: Bilirubin test, Bilirubin Total.

  • Widal Serological Test Tube Test Blood

    Also known as: Widal Serological Test Tube Test, Widal Tube Test, Widal Tube Test Blood, Widal Test.

  • Widal Serological Test Slide Test Blood

    Also known as: Widal Serological Test Slide Test, Widal Slide Test, Widal Slide Test Blood, Widal Test.

  • Urobilinogen Urine Test

    Also known as: Urobilinogen Random Urine.

  • Urea Nitrogen

    Also known as: BUN test, Serum Urea Nitrogen Blood, BUN, Serum Urea Nitrogen, Urea Nitrogen Blood.

  • X-RAY Scan Neck AP

    Also known as: X-RAY Scan Neck AP Digital.

  • X-RAY Scan Chest

    X-RAY Scan Chest AP Also known as: X-RAY Scan Chest AP Digital.
    X-RAY Scan Chest LAT Also known as: X-RAY Scan Chest LAT Digital.