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Digital MRI
3.0T Digital MRI machine

This latest generation 3.0T Digital MRI machine, overcomes the previous challenges of image distortion and shadowing with the Multi Drive RF Transmit technology. The specially designed ambient MRI room along with the latest Silent MRI technology which reduces sound levels, truly maximizes patient comfort!

HDMRI machines
1.5T Volume HDMRI machines

Latest scanning techniques not only in India, but globally. We are amongst the first few centres to perform MR Mammography, MR Tractography, MR , Cardiac MRI, and Functional MRI.

Open Standing MRI
Open Standing MRI

The open design of the G-Scan is such that even the most claustrophobic patient will have no problem in getting his scan done.

Dental CT
Cone Beam Dental CT

Cone beam computed tomography is a medical imaging technique consisting of X-ray computed tomography where the X-rays are divergent, forming a cone. CBCT has become increasingly important in treatment planning and diagnosis in implant dentistry, ENT, orthopedics, and interventional radiology

Spectral CT
Cardiac GSI Spectral CT

The GSI Spectral CT also makes it possible to visualize blocked stents (re-stenosis), something which was not possible earlier. It can provide information about myocardial perfusion and can help clinicians take a more informed decision about further treatment.

Pioneers in PET-CT
Pioneers in PET-CT and Nuclear Medicine

India's first private PET-CT, installed in 2007, this machine is capable of high resolution images and detection of lesions as small as 4mm: It is also capable of PET-MR fusion

Slice CT Scanners
128/64 Slice CT Scanners

Goyal MRI is equipped with the latest 128 and 64 slice CT scanners from GE Healthcare, USA. The machines, combined with our CT specialists, are able to provide the highest level of accuracy for diagnosing all types of illness in the body. These equipments are capable of performing cutting edge tests like Coronary Angiograms (Heart Scans), Pulmonary Angiograms, Brain Angiograms, Tru-match imaging etc.

Shear Wave Fibrosis Scan
Shear Wave Fibrosis Scan

Quantitative measurement of tissue stiffness Shear Wave speed (m/s) Young’s Modulus (kPa) 2D color coded visualization of tissue stiffness Image guidance with B-mode ultrasound images, allows for :- Instant visual quality assessment of spatial stiffness, useful for detection and characterization of focal lesions Better diagnostic interpretation with overlaying of shear wave stiffness images on the B-mode images Optimal placement of Regions of Interest (ROI) for quantitative stiffness measures